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Please take a moment to fill out our Nominating Committee Survey as well as our Activities Survey listed below.

Nominating Committee Survey

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I will serve wherever needed.

Preschool/Children Committee – support and assist the Preschool/Children’s Coordinator with planning and coordinating all preschool activities

Student Ministry Committee – support the Student Minister in planning and conducting events and programs

Women’s Ministry Committee

Men’s Ministry Committee

Deaf Ministry Committee—plan ministry efforts to reach the deaf community

Fifty Forward Council – help plan and coordinate trips, service projects, and luncheons for the seniors

Discipleship Enrichment Ministries Committee– help cultivate a comprehensive plan for the growth of a disciple through Sunday School and Small Group Bible studies for all ages

Music Committee – Assist the Minister of Music in all matters and activities of the music ministry

Audio/Visual Committee – address sound and lighting needs associated with worship

Worship Guidance Committee–responsible for examining, evaluating, and seeking to enhance the total worship ministry of First Baptist Church

Deacon Selection Committee – responsible for collecting nominations from the church at-large and presenting candidates for service on Board of Deacons

Finance/Accounting Committee – provide budgetary and financial oversight of FBC’s financial operations

Historical Committee – responsible for researching, recording, and preserving the history of FBC

Media (Library) Committee – responsible for all library needs relating to the Media Center and Library Services at FBC

Nominating Committee- responsible for selecting, interviewing, and enlisting organizational leaders

Personnel Committee – responsible for administering policies and procedures related to FBC employees

Properties Committee – responsible for oversight and administration of all policies and procedures relating to the acquisition, use, and maintenance of church property, which includes buildings, grounds, and other tangible property

Scholarship Committee – name recipients of all scholarship funds on behalf of FBC

Teller Committee – responsible for securely and confidentially counting and depositing all monies received by the church

Transportation Committee – responsible for overseeing all matters related to vehicles owned by FBC

Trustees Committee - responsible for legal matters, signing of documents, evaluating church insurance, and fulfilling any obligations as directed by the church by-laws

Benevolence Committee –assist the needy through First Baptist Church

Mission Action/Evangelism & Prayer Committee – responsible for encouraging church members to build relationships with non-believers and share their faith in a natural, non-threatening way

Culinary Committee – responsible for the use and care of the kitchen facilities, equipment, appliances, work and dining space.

Member Fellowship & Activities Committee – responsible for church wide activities that enhance membership unity & participation

Activities Survey

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These activities interest me:





These Activities Interest Me:

These activities interest me:


Technical (Training Available)


These activities interest me:

These activities interest me:

These activities interest me: