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January 24, 2023 12:00am

Contact: Dustin Shelander e

FBC's Discipleship Groups begin their Spring 2023 semester soon!  This is a great time to get involved.  Find a day-by-day listing of groups, times, and locations below.  


  • Women's Hybrid Bible Study--Masterwork
    • When:  Weekly at 3:00pm
    • Meets virtually via Zoom
    • Led by Rita McMullen,  
    • Contact the church office for more information.
  • College Bible Study
    • When:  Weekly at 6:00pm
    • Where:  Home of Joe and Candy Parker
    • Contact:  


  • Faithful Workouts:  An Exercise Community For Ladies
    • When:  Monday and Wednesday at 8:00am, begin January 4
    • Where:  FBC Student Ministry Building
  • BOWTAG:  Bunch of Women Talking About God
    • When:  Weekly on Mondays at 6:30pm
    • Where:  At the home of Linda Moore
    • Contact:  


  •  Love Your Neighbor
    • Target Group:  Ladies
    • When:  Every third Tuesday at 9:30am, beginning January 17 
    • Where:  Student Ministry Building
    • Leader:  Linda Finlin
  • Women on Mission
    • When:  Every fourth Tuesday at 12:00pm, beginning January 24
    • Where:  Student Ministry Building
    • Note:  Bring a sack lunch.
    • Leader:  Jennifer Dansby
  • Men’s Bible Study--Explore the Bible
    • When:  Weekly on Tuesday at 3:00pm
    • Where:  Home of Danny Posey
    • Contact:  
  • Men's Bible Study--Stand Firm
    • When:  Weekly at 7:00pm
    • Where:  FBC Conference Room
    • Leader:  Neal Dansby


  • Ladies' Bible Study
    • Resource:  "Finding I Am:  How Jesus Fully Satisfies the Cry of Your Heart" by Lysa TerKeurst 
    • When:  Weekly at 6:00pm, beginning January 11
    • Where:  Room 102
    • Led by Shannon Jackson
  •  Men’s Study:  Authentic Conversations about Life and Faith
    • When:  Weekly at 6:00pm, beginning January 11
    • Where:  FBC Conference Room


  • Ladies' Precepts Bible Study:  2 Peter
    • When:  Every other week at 9:30am, beginning January 19
    • Where:  Room 102
    • Peter wrote to believers to stir up their minds by a reminder of God's Word.  The believers were facing false teachers, and Peter wanted to remind them that the solution for those situations is God's Word.  The same as it is for us today!


  • Men’s Devotion & Prayer Group--Start the day with a time of devotion and prayer
    • When:  Weekly at 6:00am
    • Where:  FBC Conference Room
  • Women of Hope
    • Resource:  "Postcards From the Widow's Path: Gleaning Hope and Purpose from the Book of Ruth".  This is a study of the book of Ruth.  Study materials are $13.25.  These can be purchased at the class meeting.
    • When:  Beings Friday, January 20 at 10:30am.  The group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. 
    • Where:  FBC Student Ministry Building
    • Leader:  Sherry Wingate


  • Golf Devotion Group
    • Men gather for a time of devotion and prayer before a round of golf.
    • Times vary depending on the weather.  Meeting times and locaton are announced via text message.
    • For more information, contact Steve Barlow or the church office.

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